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Smart Technology Limited manufactures and develops products based on Smart materials like Electro Rheological (ER) Fluids and Piezo elements.

Electro Rheological Fluids
Smart electro-rheological fluid is regarded as the best ER fluid in the world. ER fluids can accurately change flow properties from liquid to solid in a matter of milliseconds and are therefore suitable for applications where conventional hydraulics and pneumatics are unusable. Smart already has many patents based on different ER applications but is always eager to exploit new business opportunities.
Please use the ER fluids link to learn more about (our) ER fluids.

Smart Technology and Partners have completed an EU funded research project ITACTI "Smart Interactive Tactile Interface Effecting Graphical Display for the Visually Impaired" The device uses ER fluid for its operation. For further information on the ITACTI project click here.

Piezo Actuators
Smart is developing and advancing this technology, taking it from the laboratory to the market place. Smart actuators are very robust and effective industrial components. Smart actuators are configured to give high resolution positioning by employing piezo-electric effects; motion is achieved by placing the object to be driven in direct contact with the piezo-electric element. A single actuator can produce multiple degrees of freedom allowing motion in two or more different directions. Applications include precision welding and micro-hole EDM drilling machine tools. Please use the Piezo Actuators link to learn more about (our) Piezo Actuators.

Click here to see a list of some users of Smart's ER Fluid

Click here for information on Smart's ER fluid and to purchase ER fluid


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