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Picture of first single line prototype display in use Over the past couple of years Smart Technology has been involved in a EC funded project with the aim of developing technology to help the visually impaired and blind with access to the Information Technology (IT) world. This project, that was partially funded by the EC, has now finished  and Smart is now ready to release commercial products based on the innovated technology.

The first single line display using ER technology was assembled and tested last year (2004) for the first time; as displayed on the left picture. Please click the picture to see the first prototype displaying refreshable text.

The developed technology uses Smart ER fluid to achieve a cost effective full graphical display previously unavailable at an affordable price. Retail price of a Smart Graphical Tactile device is estimated to be the price of a couple of existing single line Braille devices.
Retail prices of Smart Braille devices are expected to be similar to existing Braille devices, however Smart Braille devices will offer more benefits like simple graphics and touch sensitive feedback. To learn more about the implemented technology please use this link.

Smart intends to initially launch three products based on the innovative ER technology, adding new products to the range over the next few years as the market requires.
Please use the links below for specifications of the relevant product.


Single Line Display Thumbnail Single Line Display Single Braille line tactile display
Multi Line Display Thumbnail Multi Line Display Multiple Braille line, and simple graphics/icons, tactile display
Full Page Display Thumbnail Full Page Display A4 size full graphical tactile display

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