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Project Outcome - Full Graphical Array  128x64 dots

ItactI full display concept drawing


The first full page ItactI display was assembled in Germany on 24 February 2005. The unit  managed to display for the first time simple refreshable tactile graphics. Several delays were encountered during manufacture and assembly of the unit, but swift redesign by the engineering team meant that the graphical display was presented on time at the final review meeting.

First indication of the refresh speed were very encouraging and are almost certainly capable of meeting the target of less than 10 seconds for a complete refresh. Partial areas of the display can also be refreshed individually to increase the effective refresh speed. Because the device is refreshed on a row to row basis, it will be possible for the user to start navigating the screen before it is completely refreshed.


The consortium has also created new software to aid the use of the new tactile display. Since the unit creates a totally new market apart from a few small and expensive prototype displays, none of the existing screen reader software is suitable. The newly developed screen reader software will make use of the units unique features and can for example portray the layout of individual windows on the display, which can be activated by using the touch screen coating, easing navigation. There are also zoom functions and Braille to text options available.

The Full Page ITACTI display unit can be seen in operation by watching this video recording on the right.  Please note that this video recording was recorded from the first prototype and there were few "faulty" pixels.  However the video clip clearly demonstrates that the new display unit is capable of displaying graphics and text.

Please allow few moments  for downloading the video file (3.3 MByte)

A Single Line display unit was also developed.  Click here for further details.




We are pleased to announce that an agreement was reached with Hardgate Nigeria Limited ( to become Smart Technology exclusive distributor in Nigeria.

Please contact
Mr. Ediri Majevware
Procurement Specialist

Hardgate Nigeria Limited
48 old Aba Road
Port Harcourt
Rivers State

Office Telephone: +2349033190230
Mobile: +2348063170602

Dr Sami Ahmed Smart Technology Managing Director said: "I am pleased to welcome Hardgate Nigeria Limited to be our agents in Nigeria and we look forward to mutually beneficial association". Mr Gabriel Feyita , Hardgate Nigeria declared that he looked forward to a harmonious relationship with Smart Technology to serve Nigerian clients who may require their services in the future.




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