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[Smart Interactive Tactile Interface Effecting Graphical Display for the Visually Impaired]

The ItactI programme is a development and research project that is financially supported by the European Commission (EC). Please follow this link (opens a new window) if you like to know more about the EC:
The strategic objective of the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme is to realise the benefits of the information society for Europe by accelerating its emergence and by ensuring the needs of individuals and enterprises are met. The dedicated home page of the European Union Cordis programme, FP5/IST/Systems and Services for the Citizen/Persons with special needs (including the elderly and the disabled), can be found on (opens a new window):

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Project Contract No: IST-2001-32240 ITACTI
Project Start: 1st August 2001
Project End: 31st January 2005
Total Project Cost: €1 989 154
EC Contribution: €1 389 931

The aim of the ItactI project is to develop a novel interactive display that will facilitate access for visually impaired people to the modern Information Technology (IT) world. Graphical user interfaces for PC's and almost all types of modern communication are now widely used. This project will enable wider accessibility and improved quality of interaction with electronic information for the visually impaired and blind.
The new tactile graphical display will make it possible to further integrate the visually impaired population into the Information Society, improving their access to many resources, including internet pages, by offering a more natural and effective display.

Please see the objectives section for more (technical) information or contact the Project Coordinator. Details can be found on the contacts page.


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