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Electro Rheological Fluid - Cont.

Smart holds a number of patents associated with the manufacture and application of ER fluids.
We are happy to discuss potential requirements with our customers, as often it is possible to modify the fluid composition and hence customise its characteristics for a specific application.  Smart produce several standard fluids including a general purpose fluid LID 3354S designed for high volume applications that require good ER performance at an affordable price.

As mentioned on the previous page, ER fluids change to a gel like solid when an electric field is applied. Electric fields in the order of 1kV to 4kV per millimetre are applied to the fluid to produce a high finite static yield stress.
In the video on the left a microscopic view of an ER fluid shows the effect of applying an electric field. First, when no voltage is applied, the ER fluid is in its natural fluidic state, then an electric field is applied to the fluid and all the ER particles form a one dimensional chain from electrode to electrode.

The video clip is "live" images showing the effect of applying eclectic voltage on the ER fluid. Please allow few moments  for downloading the video clip


Smart standard ER fluids cover a wide range of applications, from low voltage to wide temperature range products.
Please use the datasheets below (Adobe Acrobat Document) for more information.

Please note that we are currently offer only LID 3354 either density matched LID 3354d or standard (non density matched) LID 3354s

ER-Fluid No


Safety Datasheet


LID 3354s



General Purpose Fluid

LID 3354d



Density Matched General Purpose Fluid

LID 3356S



Low Voltage / Low Viscosity Fluid

LID 3360S



Wide Temperature Range

If you are interested in buying ER-fluids please click here

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