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Modern documents have become increasingly interactive. The increased use of the Internet and graphical interfaces has changed the way in which people interact with Information Technology over the last decade. Current peripherals for use by the visually impaired are either input or output devices. The objective of this project is to create an integrated input-output interface that will bring much of the functionality of graphical operating systems that are only available due to an integrated approach to pointer and display devices. New technology to be developed will allow the production of these sophisticated units at a comparable cost to existing devices for Braille display.


  • The development of technology which allows many thousands of moving actuators (dots) to be addressed and moved individually.
  • The integration of both a tactile display and touch sensitive technology to produce an interactive interface.
  • The development of a new multi-line Braille and graphical environment for use with popular applications.
  • The interpretation and presentation of html, hyperlinks, image maps, and graphics in a way that is meaningful to the visually impaired.

 Technical Goals

  • To develop an array of at least 128 x 64 individual actuators displaying either 10 x 40 characters of Braille (2x5 pins per character), 12 x 40 (2x4 pins per character) or simple tactile graphics (landscape and portrait mode).
  • To achieve a refresh of the complete screen area in under 10 seconds
  • To ensure that the devices are buttable so that at least two may be placed side by side to produce a continuous or near continuous matrix of a larger size.
  • To integrate touch sensitive sensors that will report the depression of the pins.


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